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best projector for projection mapping

10 Best Projectors for Projection Mapping in 2024

When it comes to projection mapping, projectors are no less than saviours compared to office and business presentations. Projection mapping brings 3D content to life by projecting images onto a surface, usually a wall or screen. But not all projectors available in the market are equally suitable for this purpose. The best Projector for projection

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best 4k projector

Top 10 Best 4K Projectors 2024

Today’s 4K projectors are the ultimate home luxury. Some are better than actual movie theaters. They magnify the experience, whether watching sports or streaming movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The downside is the 4K quality price tag – the best home theater projectors cost upwards of $1800. The top models offer Full HDR UHD

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best projector under 1000

The 6 Best Projector Under $1000 Canada

Don’t spend crazy money on a home video projector! With so many affordable models out there, here’s our list of best projectors under $1000 on Amazon CA. Many of the options below are even under $500. The Best Projector Under $1000  BenQ HT2050A Review The BenQ HT2050A has stunning, best-in-class contrast w/ super crisp colors

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best budget action cameras under 100

Top GoPro Alternative – Best Budget Action Camera under $100

High-end action camera like GoPro Hero 5 Black is not for everyone. The plethora of sophisticated features, along with the number of customization options it comes with, can very well overwhelm those who are new to action cam. Sure, the waterproof construction and the 2-inch touchscreen are nice improvements from the previous generation of GoPro.

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Best IPTV Box

Top 10 Best IPTV Box

Watching TV is one way to relax after a whole tiring day, hustling with work and other things. That’s why it is essential to ensure the best viewing experience of your favorite television shows and movies. Though there are many cable companies offering and claiming to provide the best services, using IPTV box is the

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Best Photostick Mobiles For iOS and Android

10 Best Photostick Mobiles For iOS and Android

As you might know, losing data on your phone might be more than a hassle. And backing up your data is not the fastest way to do and all of your videos and photos gone. You feel like there is nothing you could do about it. In this case, the photo stick mobile might be

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Best 8mm Cassette Players

Top 10 Best 8mm Cassette Players

A cassette player is an electronic device used for playing cassette tapes. It is a flat, rectangular player made of plastic or lightweight metal. It has a magnetic tape inside for audio or video recording. Its design makes it easy for insertion in a recorder for immediate uses. As time went by, the modernization of

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softest hollywood lighting setups

How To Create The Softest Hollywood Lighting Setups

Soft lighting is defined as a type of light that is bright but balanced, with few harsh shadows. Under mild lighting, the transition between light and shadow is noticeably smoother and more gradual. If your subject is bathed in soft light, there will be few to no shadows on their faces. And, if a shadow

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