Hey Mogulers! Here’s where you request an effect

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for effects to create in future episodes, and we love it. The only problem is that they’re getting posted on all different pages and in all different places, it’s impossible to keep up!

So, now, with the wonder of modern technology, we present the place to plop your problems on our lap so we can make ’em cheap and easy … but before you do, make sure to read over what we’ve done, and what we’re doing, so you make certain we haven’t already answered what you’re askin’.

Effects We’ve Already Done
Click a link and LEARN!

Green Screening | Gunshot Wounds (and blood packets) | Zombies | Breakable Glass | Jet Packs | Puppets | Giant Foam Costumes | Fake Brains | Robots | Cyborgs | Rainproofing | Aging Makeup | Blood Cannons, Muzzle Flares, Prop Weapons, Broken Bones, Free Sound Effects

And if you’re looking for explosions or muzzle flashes … we recommend DETONATION FILMS. They offer cheap and free explosion videos that are easy to add to your videos with most basic editing software. Plus you won’t risk actually blowing yourself up.


Upcoming Episodes
See into the FUTURE! (subject to change)

Kung Fu
(How to stage a cool fight scene)

Fantasy Horns
(Viewer request, Minotaur and Satyr)

Fake Head (bodyparts)
(Viewer request, making a detailed fake head)

Super Hero Costume

Bullets hitting the ground
(Viewer request!)

(Viewer request, we build a miniature city and then destroy it)


Now that you’ve read all that, submit your request in the comments box below …


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