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Welcome to the first network for the YouTube generation! Who are we? Well maybe we can answer that by saying who you are. You’re someone who wants to do more with their camera than just shoot home movies. You’re an Indy Mogul.

Our premiere show here is “Backyard FX,” coming to you every Monday and hosted by zero-budget wizard Erik Beck. Erik shows you how to create special effects the fun and cheap way, and then subjects his siblings, roommates, and puppets to his creations. Each week he takes challenges and suggestions from you, the viewer, and gets those latent creative juices flowing fast and free without making your wallet sweat.

No matter what level you’re at you can become a part of Indy Mogul. Send us your comments, upload your footage, an original special effect, or simply record your thoughts on a webcam. Whatever it is, we want to see it, hear it, and put it on the site! We even have a monthly episode dedicated to content our fellow creators have submitted

So stick around for all the fun, and make sure to subscribe to Indy Mogul with any one of the links below!

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“i just want to thank you for the zombie effects video. I’m a film student from Australia and i’m making a silly comedy about zombies and video games, we pass our course judging by how good our films are. i thought i would have a kick look on youtube at one of my subscribed directors and on the home page was your zombie effects vid. its going to help me ALOT and i’ve got a pretty minimal budget!”

“i am a good computer graphics special effects artist, i believe, but u have opened up a whole room of effects for me to use in my latest feature length film, which is gonna be on a budget of £1000. thank you for telling us how to make all this cool stuff”

“I just wanted to send a great big thank you to you and your crew for putting together one of the most helpful sites I’ve seen in a long while. You’re all very friendly, fun and very informed about creating affordable effects…man, I would have loved something like this back when I was young! 🙂 When we have our mentor weekends I plan on bringing the laptop and exposing our younger directors to your site. I’m sure they will find it as wonderful as us old filmies do. :)”

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