10 Best Projector Ceiling Mount in 2024

Mounting your projector to the ceiling gives it a superior angle and fixes any distortions. It can also make the image a lot clearer. However, there are many variations of ceiling mounts. So, you need to find out which one fits your specific needs. Otherwise, you may end up disappointed with the results.

To determine a good projector ceiling mount, we need to look at its key elements such as adjustability, material, angles, weight capacity, compatibility, etc. I’ve taken all of these into consideration and made a list so that you can find the best projector ceiling mount that perfectly fits your needs.

To get the most out of your projector, you’ll need to determine which mount’s description best fits your scenario. I’ve gathered up and laid down all the important information necessary to help determine the best mount.

best projector ceiling moint

Keep reading to learn more about the best projector mounts on the market!

10 Best Projector Ceiling Mount Reviews

Mounting your projector to the ceiling is one of the most effective ways to improve image quality and make your setup look a lot cleaner. So, here’s a list of the projector ceiling mounts to choose from various types.

VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount for Regular and Mini Projectors with Extending Arms, White, MOUNT-VP01W
  • Universal Projector Mount - Fits most projectors on the market, including mini projectors (Please Note: Extension arms need to be removed for mini projectors and the mounting screw for mini projectors is Not Included). The distance between mounting holes on the back of the projector must be 5.25" to 12.5” with arms and 1.5" x 1.5" without arms. Not compatible with the following projector models: Epson LS1100, 3010, 3200, 3700, 3800, 8350, 8500UB, 4010, Mitsubishi XL25U, or LG HU915QE.
  • Strong 30 Lbs Support - Made entirely of high-grade steel, this mount holds projectors weighing up to 30 lbs, keeping your expensive equipment safe and secure.
  • Fully Adjustable - Features +15° to -15° tilt, +15° to -15° swivel, and 360° rotation. Hits all the right viewing angles so you and your guests can watch in comfort.
  • Low Profile - This mounting system holds your projector just 6” from the ceiling surface. The white powder-coated finish blends well with the majority of home and office environments.
  • Easy Installation - Quick release hooks attach and detach by tightening and loosening the mounting bolts. All hardware and instructions are provided for assembly.

This fully adjustable ceiling mount is one of the most affordable low-profile projector mounts. But despite its affordability, it doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality and functionality.

It can hold up to 30 LBS. (around 13 kg), which is more than what an average overhead projector weighs. This feature means there will always be some headroom for its weight capacity, which is good for durability and longevity.

This is a low-profile mount which means the projector will be mounted only 6 inches away from the ceiling surface. Having less space between the projector and the ceiling makes the setup look more aesthetic and is ideal for homes.

The white finish also blends in well with the surroundings.


  • Great adjustability providing maximum viewing angles
  • The low profile appearance looks visually pleasing
  • Good weight capacity
  • Solid build quality with decent mounting hardware
  • The universal mount supports all kinds of projectors


  • It can be difficult to install due to the lack of space.


The VIVO universal mount will satisfy you if you want an affordable mount that can fit into small spaces and be adjusted according to your needs. Just be wary of the installation process, and you’re good to go.

YiePhiot Mini Ceiling Wall Projector Mount

YiePhiot Mini Ceiling Wall Projector Mount Stand Compatible with QKK, DR.J, DBPOWER, Anker, VANKYO, AAXA, Jinhoo, PVO, TMY, AuKing and Most Other Mini Projector (175mm, Black)
  • Universal Mount: The Universal Projector Mount is compatible with most mini projectors, including CLOKOWE, HAPPRUN, ELEPHAS, NICPOW and Roconia etc . It comes with three screw adapters of different sizes that are 175mm/6.88in in length.
  • Screw Adapters Size: 3.9mm/0.154in, 6mm/0.236in, 6.35mm/0.25in.
  • Use Feature: Tilt Angle-90 degrees, Rotate Angle-360 degrees, Safety Load-5KG.
  • Simple & Convenient: The projector mount pole is easy to be installed with accessories, screws and 3 adapters. Just rotate the knob to and tighten it to get the best angle.
  • Note: Please make sure that the projector comes with tripod screw hole Before you bid the item.

If you’re looking for something simple with hassle-free installation, this projector mount from YiePhiot will appeal to you. This is an extended wall mount with simple 3 screws mounting system that supports a wide range of projectors.

The overall ease of use of this mount is great. It has two knobs that you use to tilt and rotate the projector to get the best angle.

Although it does not provide the full adjustability of every axis like some other mounts, the simplicity makes it worth it if you’re not too geeky about it.

Where this mount shines is its installation process. It requires only three screws to mount directly to your ceiling. Attaching the projector is also fairly simple, as it connects with tripod screws.

So, you do have to make sure your projector has tripod screw holes if you’re thinking of picking it up.


  • Very simple and straightforward installation
  • Sturdy body with a 5 KG safety load
  • An extended pole allows you to get superior angles
  • Decent adjustability in tilting and rotation
  • Stable viewing experience


  • Only supports projectors with tripod screw holes


This mount is ideal for setting up their projector fast and easily without much hassle. It gets the job done perfectly.

Duronic Projector Mount

Duronic Projector Mount PB04XL | Bracket Fixing for Ceiling or Wall | 30lbs Capacity | Universal | Heavy Duty | Fittings Included | Rotate 360 °, Swivel 180 °, Tilt 180° for Easy Projection Set-up
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: This projector bracket has been designed to be universal which means that it should fit any projector unit. If you are in doubt, please ensure you check the measurements to ensure it will fit the way you need it to.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum weight capacity is 13.6kg. The whole bracket measures 478-688mm long and 307mm wide. Please see images for an illustration of the sizes. Once fixed onto the ceiling there will be a gap of 478-688mm between the projector and the ceiling. Rotation is 360 °, tilt (forward and backward movement) is 180°, and Swivel (side-to-side movement) is 180°. This model is long in length and features an adjustable arm that can range between 478-688mm and can swing from side to side.
  • DESIGNED TO PREVENT OVERHEATING: The shape of this Duronic projector mount has been carefully considered and designed to ensure that vents on the projector mount are not covered or obstructed ensuring that only a minimal amount of the mount bracket sits flush with the machine. Additionally, it is made of aluminium which allows heat to dissipate naturally and much more effectively compared to steel which would poorly conduct heat and cause overheating.
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Fittings are included along with detailed instructions to guide you through fixing your mount to the ceiling. It couldn’t be simpler!
  • GOOD QUALITY YOU CAN RELY ON: We pride ourselves on providing consistently good quality items. This projector mount is no exception; it’s made from a heavy-duty metal material which will support the weight of your projector with ease and stability. For extra peace of mind, this bracket has a 2-year warranty. Please note: the images of a projector are for display purposes only to show the functions of the bracket. The projector is not included.

The Duronic projector mount is built for longevity and durability, featuring excellent build quality and premium materials. Its core materials are wood, aluminium, and alloy steel. These help keep the projector sturdy in all situations, so you always get a clear and stable image.

A special feature of this mount is that it is designed to prevent your projector from overheating. The cooling vents of your projector are generally on the bottom side where you attach the mount. This ceiling mount attaches to a minimal surface area, so the vents are not obstructed or blocked, thus preventing overheating.

It also supports full adjustably, meaning you can rotate the projector 360 degrees and tilt it up to 90 degrees.

You can even tilt the entire mount up to 90 degrees, which is a bit of overkill, but it’s still a nice feature.


  • Designed to prevent overheating
  • Supports full adjustability on all axis
  • Very high-quality materials
  • Sturdy build quality allows it to mount to very heavy projectors
  • The fairly simple installation process with clear guiding


  • A long mounting pole is not ideal for small rooms


The Duronic projector mount should be considered for someone looking for durability and longevity. However, it is more suitable for large rooms with lots of space because the mounting pole sticks out far down the ceiling. Hence, it takes up a lot of space and looks out of place in smaller rooms.

VIVO Universal Extending Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Extending Ceiling Projector Mount, Height Adjustable Projection, White, MOUNT-VP02W
  • Universal Mounting fits the majority of projectors on the market. The distance between mounting holes on the back of the projector must be 5.25" to 12.5” with arms and 1.5" x 1.5" without arms. Not compatible with the following projector models: Epson LS1100, 3010, 3200, 3700, 3800, 8350, 8500UB, 4010, Mitsubishi XL25U, or LG HU915QE.
  • Solid Construction made entirely of high grade steel, supporting projectors up to 30 lbs
  • Fully Adjustable with 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all the right viewing angles
  • Telescoping Height Adjustment mounting system extends your projector from 15” to 23” from the ceiling surface
  • Easy Installation with quick release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts

This projector mount has one unique feature that most others on this list don’t; height adjustability. Aside from the general adjustments (tilt, swivel, and rotation), the height of the mounting pole can be adjusted as well. You can extend its distance from the ceiling surface from 15 to 23 inches.

It features a quick-release projector mount to make the installation process reasonably easier. But this also means you can take out the projector without much hassle by loosening a few screws.

This mount’s simple yet sturdy design makes it an ideal pick among home theatre projector mounting options. Also, because you can adjust the height, you can find the perfect viewing angle.


  • Offers various mounting options for different projector models
  • A simple cable management system provides a clean look
  • Retractable projector ceiling mount allows you to get the best angle
  • The projector can be detached from the mount very easily
  • Can hold up to 30 LBS of weight without failure


  • Height adjustability is only ideal for homes with high ceilings.


If you have a high ceiling and need a bit of a reach to get the right angle on your projector, then this mount by VIVO is the best extending ceiling projector mount for you. Its other features are also solid with no major drawbacks.

QualGear PRB-717-Blk Ceiling Mount Projector

QualGear PRB-717-Blk Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory,Black Mount
  • Low profile flush mount- holds projector at 6" from the ceiling
  • Universal design fits most projector brands Snap-on/snap-off design for quick installation
  • Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel material durable construction
  • Weight capacity: 30 lbs.

Amongst low-profile projector mounts, the Qualgear ceiling mount has some quirky features. One of the most prominent features is that it can mount very large projectors. The mounting brackets can be extended to match the width of the projector up to 16 inches.

Being a low-profile mount, it is ideal for homes with low ceilings. The design is very sophisticated and goes with most household setups. It has decent adjustability in terms of tilt and rotation.

There are two parts to this mount, the ceiling mount and the extended pole. This makes the installation process much easier as you can first install the ceiling mount and then attach the extended pole to it. It also means that you can separate the projector whenever needed.


  • Extendable brackets allow it to mount to large projectors
  • Snap-on/snap-off design allows for easy installation and removal
  • 60 degrees maximum tilt makes it ideal for sloped ceilings
  • Built from cold-rolled steel, ensuring durability and longevity
  • Sophisticated design makes it look good in most office/household spaces


  • A large mounting bracket might obstruct heat vents, causing overheating.


The Qualgear ceiling mount is excellent for a low ceiling or a sloped ceiling. It is easily adjustable and well-built. All the necessary mounting hardware and instructions come with the package.

Suptek White Projector Ceiling Mount

suptek White Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket Fits Flat or Sloped Ceiling Height Adjustable with Extendable Length for LCD/DLP Projectors (PR05)
  • 3-In-1 Projector Wall Mount Bracket - ceiling installation, sloped ceiling installation, and wall installation
  • Compatible with projectors whose mounting holes are under 12" and weight under 30lbs (13.6kg). Measure your projector purchase purchasing.
  • Resistant to rust - ceiling part and projector mounting part are made of cold rolled steel, extendable pole is made of aluminium alloy
  • Adjustable - tilt 90°, pan/swivel 360°, height from 13.38"-21.26",suitable for different circumstance
  • Package - 1×ceiling mount, 1×standard installation kit, 1×user manual

The only 3 in 1 multipurpose mount on our list, the Suptek ceiling mount can be mounted onto ceilings and on walls and sloped ceilings. Alongside this special feature, it has all the bells and whistles of an extended ceiling mount.

It features a drop-down ceiling projector mount that can be separated and allows you to attach the bracket directly to the projector mounted on the ceiling, essentially making it a low profile. The projector bracket can be tilted up to 90 degrees, which is ideal for sloped ceilings.

This mount is completely resistant to rust since it’s made out of aluminium alloy and stainless steel. The sturdy build allows it to mount onto walls and stably hold its position with projectors up to 30 LBS.


  • It can be mounted onto flat ceilings, sloped ceilings, and walls
  • The telescoping projector mount allows you to adjust the height
  • It can be used as a low-profile mount
  • Resistant to humidity and rust
  • The adjustable mounting bracket supports both small and large projectors


  • Tricky installation process


If you’re looking for a projector that can be mounted onto different surfaces, then the Suptek projector mount has got you covered. The amount should serve you well once you get past the installation process, which can be a bit of a hassle.

AMER Projector Mount

AMER Projector Mount - Ceiling Bracket LCD DLP Tilt 360° Swivel 30lbs (White)
  • This cast aluminum projector mount adds versatility and simplicity to mounting a projector to a ceiling
  • The adjustable mounting arms adapt to projectors allowing for flexible installation
  • Tilt: Yes

The AMER adjustable overhead projector mount doesn’t have any special quirks, but its basic features are solid. It’s a very easy option to suggest to anyone, as it has no noticeable drawbacks. The mount does what it’s supposed to do really well.

The installation process is extremely simple. You can separate the mounting bracket and install the projector, then attach it to the ceiling mount just by pushing it in. No screws are required! It secures very strongly and can hold up to 30 LBS.

This projector mount specifically has holes for cable management. You can run the wires to your projector through those holes, hiding them and making your setup more aesthetic.


  • The very simple installation process with a drop-in mounting bracket
  • Efficient cable management system to make your setup more appealing
  • Well-grounded build and reasonable adjustability
  • An adjustable mounting bracket allows for universal projector installation
  • Resistant to decaying over time


  • Limited adjustability in swivel and tilt


If you’re looking for a simple mount that can be installed easily, look no further than the AMER projector mount. This solid deal checks almost all the boxes for a high-quality projector mount.

WALI Projector Ceiling Mount

WALI Projector Ceiling Mount, Universal Low Profile Projector Mount with Retractable Arms and Multiple Adjustment Function (PM-002-W), White
  • Compatibility: Projector mount fit most of the projector in the market, applicable to distance mounting holes between 2" to 12.5”.(Not compatible with the following projector models: Epson LS1100, 3010, 3200, 3700, 3800, 4010, 8350,BenQ LK9365ST)
  • Heavy Duty: Support maximum loading weight 30 lbs/13.5 kg. Regular concrete and brick ceiling or wooden stud supported. NOTE: This mount does NOT support the vaulted ceiling and regular drywall.
  • Fully Adjustable: Tilt +/- 15 degrees and swivel +/- 15 degrees. Angle adjustment bracket allows 360 degrees of rotation. Low profile design for quick and precise projector positioning.
  • Easy installation: quick release and fasten the mount to the ceiling makes installation easy. Mounts to Wood studs, concrete and wall surfaces, flat ceiling, drop ceiling, suspended ceiling, etc.
  • Package Includes: WALI Projector Ceiling Mount (White) x 1, Mounting Hardware Kit x 1, User Manual x 1, experienced and friendly US based customer support available to assist 7 days a week.

One of the most versatile ceiling mounts on this list, the WALI projector ceiling mount can be attached to almost any type of ceiling, including concrete, brick, and wooden ceilings. Its horizontal swivel allows it to work as a vaulted ceiling projector mount. Thus, it can be mounted onto sloped ceilings and still project a plain and flat image.

Once set up, the projector stays almost flush with the ceiling, only leaving enough gaps for cooling. This provides a very clean and minimalistic look, ideal for small rooms.

The mounting bracket supports full-sized projectors for trees and mini projectors. Like most other projectors, the weight limit is 30 LBS, and it comes with all the necessary screws and mounting hardware.


  • Mounts to various kinds of ceiling surfaces
  • It can be swivelled up to 15 degrees to level the projected image
  • Holes and gaps in the mounting bracket prevent overheating
  • A clean and minimalistic appearance elevates the look of your setup
  • Supports very small projectors with a minimum diameter of 2 inches


  • No cable management system


This projector mount is ideal for someone looking for a lot of versatility. It is a great choice for you if you have a wooden ceiling or a sloped ceiling. If you care about looks, the lack of cable management is something to consider.

Epson – Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Kit

Epson Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Kit (ELPMBPJG)
  • Universal projector mount — offers a low-profile, aesthetic design
  • Convenient — universal interface compatible with most projectors
  • Independent roll, pitch and yaw — for quick and precise projector registration
  • Quick connect/disconnect — convenient lamp and filter access on most projectors
  • Multiple installation options — including flush mount to ceiling or with 1.5" NPT columns

If you’re looking for precise and fine adjustments for your projector, you should look into this mount by Epson. It features safety gear in the joints, ensuring smooth and precise movement. The mount can hold the projector at many different angles, giving you a lot of flexibility in setting it up.

Every part of this mount has a premium build with an ergonomic design, providing maximum efficiency in holding up the projector. It supports most projectors since it’s a universal mount, but it will work especially well with an Epson projector since the weight distribution and mounting holes are optimized accordingly.

Aside from the benefit that it provides a low-profile mount, it can also be extended from the ceiling up to 3 inches. The cable management is really good and can successfully hide all the cables if done right.


  • Precise and fine adjustment of the projector for the best possible image
  • Ergonomic and efficient build with premium materials
  • Easy to mount and fully compatible with most projector models
  • Low-profile design with up to 3 inches of extension
  • Very convenient cable management with a speed-connect plate


  • Considerably more expensive than other mounts


The Epson Universal ceiling mount is for someone who has previous experience with projectors and mounts. It’s also worth considering if you have an Epson projector and you want the best adjustability. But if you are willing to pay the expense, this mount will not disappoint.

ProHT Universal Wall and ceiling projector bracket

Lastly, we have the cheapest ceiling mount on our list; the ProHT universal ceiling mount. But don’t let the price fool you, as it has very few compromises. It’s also a 2-in-1 mount, so it can be mounted onto both walls and ceilings, which is a great feature at this price range.

Its design is very simple; it has a steel pole connecting the ceiling mount to the projector bracket. The overall build feels sturdy enough, and the projector holds its position decently well.

The installation process only includes screws, so it’s fairly straightforward; no special mounting tools are required. The mounting bracket for the projector can be detached from the extended pole without removing the projector, so you can easily take out the projector for maintenance.


  • Great feature set considering the price
  • 2 in 1; can be mounted on both walls and ceilings
  • Rigid body built with aluminium and steel
  • A minimalistic approach to installation
  • An easily detachable mounting bracket allows for simple maintenance


  • Has no adjustability


If you’re on a budget and need a solid mount to get the job done, then the proHT projector mount is ideal. The specification it offers at its price certainly leaves no room to complain.

Projector Mount Types

To get the best image from your projector that is not distorted, you need to mount the projector at the right angle. That’s where projector mounts come in. Mounts help you attach the projector to certain surfaces and help you achieve an undistorted image.

When it comes to projector mounts, there are two major types, the ceiling mount and the wall mount.

best projector ceiling moint

Ceiling Mount

A ceiling mount projector bracket installs to your ceiling, and attaches the projector to it with the help of mounting brackets and extension poles. If you don’t have ceiling fans in your room, then mounting your projector on the ceiling is the better option as it provides the best angle.

The ceiling mount is the more popular option among the two, and many universal projector mounts support most projectors on the market.

Wall Mount

Like the name, a wall mount installs your projector horizontally to the wall. Wall mounts typically don’t have much room for adjustments (i.e., tilt, swivel, and rotation), so getting the right angle is more difficult. However, if you cannot mount your projector to the ceiling, this is the way to go.

You can find multipurpose projector mounts in the market that allow ceiling and wall mounting.

Projector Ceiling Mount Installation Ideas: How To Mount A Projector To Ceiling?

To mount a projector to the ceiling, you need a projector roof mount. There are various kinds of ceiling mounts available on the market. Low profile, extended, height adjustable, multipurpose, etc., are the basic types you will encounter.

To make things simple for you-

  • Go for a low-profile projector mount with a low ceiling and a small room.
  • If you have a high ceiling and a big room, pick up an extended height-adjustable or a motorized projector mount.
  • Consider multipurpose mounts that can attach to both walls and ceilings if you cannot mount them on the ceiling or if you have a sloped ceiling.
best projector ceiling moint

Now that you know which type of mount to buy, get one that suits your needs and make sure it’s a universal ceiling mount kit for the projector. Before installing, you need to figure out how far your projector needs to be from the screen and the ceiling.

You can check your projector’s specifications to learn the optimal distance between the projector projection screen and the projector. Your projector needs to be placed in the middle of the screen horizontally and vertically. It can be somewhere in between the centre and the top of the screen.

Once you figure out exactly where the mount needs to be situated, follow the instructions with your projector mount. The instructions are unique to the specific models, so you need to follow yours.

Alternatively, if you have a projector shelf, you can consider hanging a projector shelf from the ceiling mount. You just have to make the necessary screw holes in the shelf.

Can Short Throw Projectors Be Ceiling Mounted?

Short-throw projectors can properly display an image from a short distance (some as short as 3 feet). Setting up a projector so close to the screen can block the view. It can also take up a lot of space if you’re running short on space, so mounting the projector on the ceiling is very appealing.

To directly answer the question, yes, short-throw projectors can be mounted on the ceiling. But there’s a catch; there are two types of short-throw projectors. Regular short-throw projectors and ultra-short-throw projectors. Only the regular ones can be mounted on the ceiling.

best projector ceiling moint

Ultra-short throw (UST) projectors require being only inches away from the screen, which is not ideal for ceiling mounts. However, a regular short-throw projector that sits an average of 5 feet away from the screen can be easily installed. It will require a bit of adjustment to get the best image.

To mount a short-throw projector on the ceiling, you will need one of the low-profile projector mounts. Extended pole mounts might obstruct the view since the projector will sit so close to the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should the projector screen be from the ceiling?

We can’t exactly tell you the distance; it’s something you need to figure out because the height of all ceilings is not the same. The screen should be placed just a bit above your eye line. It shouldn’t be too high, or it can cause neck pain during extended watching sessions. 10-15 degrees above the eye line is generally good.

How do you power a projector from the ceiling?

There are two ways you can do this. You can purchase an extended power cable long enough to connect your projector, run through the ceiling, and plug it into your nearest power socket. Or, you can just use an extension socket.

Can all projectors be mounted on the ceiling?

As long as the projector has the necessary screw holes for mounting, it can be mounted on the ceiling. But there are exceptions; portable projectors and ultra-short-throw projectors are not ideal for ceiling mounting.

How to install a projector screen on the ceiling?

Once you’ve bought the projector screen, find out where you want to install it. Take out the brackets that come with the screen, and drill the necessary holes in the ceiling to attach the brackets. Mount the screen onto the brackets according to the instructions, and you’re all good to go.

Final Words

All of the mounts mentioned in this list have their respective perks. However, the QualGear PRB-717-Blk Ceiling Mount Projector is easy to recommend for its reliability and consistency. While installing, make sure you properly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

That being said, I hope now you can choose the best projector ceiling mount for yourself.

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