How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers? [Video Guide]

Be it a movie theatre, a classroom, or an office conference room, you may encounter projectors everywhere.

They help all of us enjoy a presentation, slideshow, or movie at the same time and at an affordable cost.

So, no wonder they are a necessity for any place with an audience.

However, most of these projectors do not come with a good speaker. The default speaker usually produces quite a low volume which most people cannot hear properly.

how to get sound from projector to speakers

That is why you will need external speakers to work with them and broadcast their audible content to everyone in the audience.

But how to get sound from the projector to the speakers? That is exactly the question we will answer for you today!

How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers

Standalone Stereo Speakers

Among all the varieties of speakers available nowadays, old-school standalone stereo speakers are still the most common. However, make sure that you choose powered speakers for this instead of one with an amplifier or A/V receiver.

Additionally, check its audio connection since that has to match the projector. For instance, a 3.5 mm audio output of the projector can be connected in two ways to the speaker. If they are wired separately, you will need a stereo audio splitter. If they are wired together, just one 3.5 mm audio cable will be enough.

Turn Off Both Devices

how to get sound from projector to speakers

The first thing you need to do is turn off both the projector and the speaker. This will take care of all the potential harmful scenarios like you getting an electric shock, either of the devices getting damaged or producing any unnecessary feedback noises during the setup.

Figure Out Where To Place Them

Now look around the area and figure out which spots will be the most beneficial for setting up both your projector and speakers. They need to be set up in such a location that the audience can clearly hear the speakers while viewing the displayed slide show, video or presentation clearly. These facilities give you a taste of watching TV. And here is a good post about deciding between a TV or projector for your needs.

Doing so is an important part of the process since these locations will decide the details of your installation requirements, like the number of cables required to connect these devices. This especially applies if your setup includes using a receiver for providing multiple audio channels.

Find The Projector’s Audio Jack

how to get sound from projector to speakers

After placing the speakers in their respective positions and plugging them into power, you will need to get started with the projector’s audio output setup.

Start implementing this step by figuring out the location of its audio jack. It should not be hard to find since this jack is usually in the same place where other connection ports are. You may find it right alongside the inputs for power and signal.

Remember that the projector needs to be installed in such a way that its audio jack is accessible during the presentation. So if you have to install it on the ceiling mount, you have to position it very carefully.

Insert The Respective Cables

Now it’s time to insert all the cables into their respective ports. Establish a link between the two devices by connecting one end of an audio cable to the projector’s audio output and its other end to the speakers. If the speakers have separate connectors, you can use an adapter with the audio cable.

For the ceiling-mounted projectors, it will be easier if you take them down first and then complete the cable connections. This way, no one has to struggle to reach or find the required input or output ports.

how to get sound from projector to speakers

Moreover, make sure the cable is long enough to accommodate the distance before bringing the projector down. Otherwise, you may have to repeat a process a few times and try with different cables to get it just right.

Test Audio

When all the cables and devices have been placed and connected correctly, it is time to test the audio. See if the audio from your projector is coming out of all the speakers clearly and simultaneously. You can also adjust the volume now to make sure everyone in the audience can hear it properly.

If everything seems to be working perfectly, you can now take care of the cables so that no one stumbles upon them. Secure them along the wall or something similar to keep them away from incoming guests and to make sure that none of them is pulled off the jacks accidentally.

But if there are issues and you still can’t hear the projector audio correctly through your speakers, here are some solutions that can help:

how to get sound from projector to speakers

If Projector’s Speakers Are Still On

The projector’s speakers should not be working if the connection to your speaker system is set up properly. So getting sound from the projector speaker at this point will suggest that you might have inserted the cable into the wrong ports of your external speakers.

Another possibility would be that the speakers have not been plugged in properly. So check both their connections and plugs to locate the main issue.

If Projector Is Not Producing Audio

Maybe all of your cable connections have been established correctly, and there is something wrong with the projector. If the speakers are not producing any sound, check if the projector itself is producing audio. It could be on mute, or its volume could be turned way too low.

If The Speakers Are Producing Unexpected Sounds

how to get sound from projector to speakers

If the speakers are producing a sound that is not the projector’s audio, then you can test the source of this issue in one of two ways.

For the speakers working with an audio receiver, see whether its channels for other devices are generating the proper sound. If it turns out fine, you may need to double-check the channel your projector is connected to.

In the case of dedicated speakers, connect them to another device, like a laptop and keep adjusting them until they generate the appropriate audio.

Bluetooth Speakers

how to get sound from projector to speakers

Bluetooth speakers are gaining more popularity day by day since they make the installation process quite hassle-free. Setting these wireless devices up is much faster and easier than traditional speaker systems, especially when it comes to ceiling-mounted projectors.

However, their produced sound quality tends to be lower, and they tend to attract more interference from other wireless devices in the surrounding.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at how to make these Bluetooth speakers produce the projector’s audio. Its process is a lot simpler and shorter than the previous one.

First, you just need to turn on the speaker and turn on its pairing mode, just like you would with a Bluetooth mobile phone. On the other hand, go to the projector’s settings, enable Bluetooth, search for the speaker’s Bluetooth from there and send a pairing request.

Once they find each other, accept the request and, if necessary, enter the pairing code. Now the speaker will automatically produce the projector’s sound whenever both are turned on.

Final Words

Now that you know how to get sound from projector to speakers – both traditional standalone and wireless Bluetooth – you can now resolve any issue related to it during the next show or presentation! You can even arrange a movie night with friends or family at your home utilizing this convenient technology.

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