Top 20 Best 95Mm Filter Reviews & Comparison [Ultimate Guide]

The future of the best 95mm filter is here, and we’ve got all the best picks for 2023. We have compiled 71961 reviews from top experts that led us to these 20 devices on the list.

The Best 95Mm Filter Deals This Week: 

Bestseller No. 1
95mm Circular Polarizers Filter, K&F Concept 95MM Circular Polarizer Filter HD 28 Layer Super Slim Multi-Coated CPL Lens Filter (Nano-X Series)
  • Ultra-slim frame, only 5.3 mm thickness. CNC-non slips pattern helps install and remove the filter easily. Double side 28 multi-layer coatings hydrophobic, anti-oil, anti-dust, anti-soil, scratch-resistant.
  • Ultra-slim rim profile to avoid vignetting on wide-angle lenses, while maintaining rotation capabilities to adjust polarization levels. Extra tough lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy frame ensuring great durability and jamming prevention.
  • Circular CPL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass, etc. Also can enhance the color and contrast. Often be used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds.
  • NOTE: This filter is compatible with all 95mm lenses. Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol. For example Ø95= 95mm lens thread size.
Bestseller No. 2
K&F Concept 95mm MC UV Protection Filter with 28 Multi-Layer Coatings HD/Hydrophobic/Scratch Resistant Ultra-Slim UV Filter for 95mm Camera Lens (Nano-X Series)
  • 【Dual Functionality】This UV filter serves a dual purpose - absorbing UV rays and reducing blue tones caused by UV, ensuring picture-perfect clarity and color. Plus, it acts as a shield against dust and scratches, extending your lens' lifespan.
  • 【Premium Optical Glass】Crafted with imported Japanese AGC glass, this filter guarantees razor-sharp imagery while preserving the authentic colors of your photos.
  • 【NANOTEC Coating】Featuring 28 multi-layer coatings, including hydrophobic and scratch-resistant properties, this filter boasts an impressive 99.6% light transmission. This minimizes reflections from both the environment and the filter, providing true-to-life images.
  • 【Telephoto-Friendly】 With its ultra-slim 3.3mm frame and double-side polishing technology, the K&F Concept HD UV filter ensures clear imagery even on telephoto lenses, with no vignetting.
  • 【Compatibility Note】Ensure a perfect fit by verifying your camera's lens thread size before ordering. The lens thread size is indicated by a "Φ" (diameter) symbol followed by the size, such as Φ95= 95mm lens thread size.
Bestseller No. 3
Fotasy 95mm Ultra Slim UV Protection Lens Filter, Nano Coatings MRC Multi Resistant Coating Oil Water Scratch, 18 Layers Multi-Coated 95 mm MCUV Filter, Transmission Rate ≥ 99.7%, Schott B270 Glass
  • Nano MRC multi-resistant-coating, waterproof, oil and scratches resistant
  • Ultra Slim design, features a 3. 5mm Ultra-slim double-threaded traction frame to eliminate igniting on wide-angle full-frame setups.
  • 18 Layer Multi-Coated, greatly reduce the appearance of Lens Flare and Ghosting caused by Reflections.
  • Schott B270 Glass, Light Transmission Rate ≥ 99. 7%. With a Front Thread for Additional Accessories.
  • This UV filter is compatible with all 95mm camera lenses. Your Lens thread size will be printed underneath your Lens cap or written somewhere on the Lens barrel.
Bestseller No. 4
Nikon 95mm Neutral Color NC Filter
  • Color Filter
  • Country of Origin : Thailand
  • Package Dimensions: 1.777 H x 10.921 L x 11.176 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 0.090 kilograms
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hoya 95 mm UV-Filter HMC for Lens
  • Absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct
  • A muliti-purpose fine-weather filter for color as well as black and white films
  • Also serves as a permanent lens protector
Bestseller No. 6
K&F Concept 95mm Putter Variable ND Filter ND2-ND400 (1-9 Stops) 28 Multi-Layer Coatings Import AGC Glass Adjustable Neutral Density Filter for Camera Lens (Nano-X Series)
  • 【Import Optical Glass】Crafted from premium Japanese AGC optical glass with an astonishing 28 multi-layer coatings, this ND filter reduces reflections and glare, ensuring superior image quality.
  • 【Putter Design for Precision】The frame is ingeniously designed as a putter, allowing you to accurately adjust the stop. Video shooting users can effortlessly adjust the stop with auxiliary tools. Every stop from ND2 to ND400 is conveniently marked on the frame, providing smooth 360-degree rotation for multi-scene applications.
  • 【Waterproof & Scratch Resistant】Equipped with multi-layer hydrophobic, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant coatings on both sides, the K&F Concept ND filter is fully protected and perfect for adventurous use.
  • 【No Vignetting】Designed for ultra-wide-angle applications, the ultra-slim frame measures only 7.4mm, ensuring no vignettes even at a 16mm focal length.
  • 【Compatibility Note】This ND filter suits all 95mm lenses. Be sure to check your camera's lens thread size (usually beside a "ø" diameter symbol) before ordering. Additionally, a 105mm lens cap is required for this 95mm variable ND filter.
Bestseller No. 7
Freewell 95mm Versatile Magnetic Variable ND (VND) Filter System
  • Most Versatile VND system on the market: VND2-5丨VND6-9丨CPL丨ND32/CPL丨VNDXMIST2-5丨VNDXMIST6-9丨GLOW MIST
  • Optics: Pure High Definition Optical glass 18Layers Multicoated
  • Built: Made of CNC Metal Frame construction with Magnets
  • What is Included: VND2-5/CPL, VND6-9/ND32-CPL, VND Base, MISTXVND Base, Base Ring, Lens Cap, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Storage Case
Bestseller No. 8
Solid ICE Shockproof Slim 95mm UV PRO Filter Tempered Optical Glass 95 MCUV
  • Shockproof Tempered Glass is Virtually Unbreakable
  • Multi-coated. Coatings are Anti-Static.Waterproof & Oil-proof
  • No Color Cast.
  • Slim: 3.6mm deep (not inc rear threads). Ideal for Wide Angle Lenses.
  • Double threaded metal frame for additional filters or Hood.
Bestseller No. 9
Kase Wolverine 95mm Pro ND Stack Cap Kit Magnetic Shockproof Tempered Optical Glass Filter Includes Magnetic CPL ND8 ND64 ND1000 Lens Cap & Case 95
  • ►Includes Conventional Screw Thread System Adapter , CPL Filter, ND8 3 Stop Filter, ND64 6 Stop Filter and ND1000 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter & Magnetic Stack Cap Set
  • ► Filters are Shockproof Tempered Optical Glass and are Extremely Durable and Easy to Clean
  • ►Swap Filter Super Fast. ►Up to 4 Kase Wolverine Filters can be Stacked. ►Magnetic Filters can be Freely Rotated
  • ►Includes Magnetic Stack Cap Set, ideal for Storage. ►Also Includes Leatherette Storage Wallet..
  • ►Extremely Lightweight. ►Each filter weighs about 1.5oz
Bestseller No. 10
ZEISS T* Anti-Reflective Coating POL Circular Polarizer Lens Filter 95mm
  • PRECISION: Rotary mount to set the filter effect (light reduction: 1.5–2 EV)
  • QUALITY: High-quality glass featuring ZEISS T anti-reflective coating
  • COMPATIBILITY: High-fit accuracy for fast filter change. Can be used with a lens shade. Can be used with non-ZEISS lenses
  • EFFECT: Minimizes light reflections on non-metallic surfaces and increases the color saturation of long-distance shots
Bestseller No. 11
Urth 95mm UV Lens Filter (Plus+)
  • PRO SHARPNESS | Urth UV Filter Plus+ cuts ultraviolet light for sharper, clearer images. Backed by our lifetime warranty.
  • THE BEST GLASS | Enjoy the best light transmittance, reduced lens flare and ghosting with our 30-layer nano-coated German SCHOTT glass.
  • CUT HAZE | Remove atmospheric haze and its blue color cast for truer colours and sharper details.
  • BETTER PROTECTION | 30-layer nano-coating protects against damage from scratches, dirt, and oil.
  • PLANT 5 TREES | This Urth filter funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation.
Bestseller No. 12
Urth 95mm UV Lens Filter
  • SHARPER PHOTOS | Urth UV Filter cuts ultraviolet light for sharper, clearer images. Backed by our lifetime warranty
  • PREMIUM GLASS | Enjoy better light transmittance, reduced lens flare and ghosting with our 8-layer nano-coated Japanese AGC glass
  • CUT HAZE | Remove atmospheric haze and its blue colour cast for truer colours and sharper details
  • BETTER PROTECTION | Our nano-coating protects against damage from scratches, dirt, and oil
  • PLANT 5 TREES | This Urth filter funds local communities to plant 5 trees in areas affected by deforestation
Bestseller No. 13
Hoya 95mm Pro ND 1000 Filter, 95 Pro ND 1000
  • Reduces the light entering your camera lens by 10 stops
  • Permits wider apertures and slower shutter speeds to be used
  • ACCU-ND coating for truly neutral colour balance
  • Allows you to reduce depth of field for portraits
  • Low-profile aluminium ring avoids vignetting
Bestseller No. 14
Tiffen Filters Camera Lens Sky & UV Filter, Black (95CUVP)
  • 0.75 Coarse thread pitch
  • Essential protection for your Lens
  • Provides basic reduction of ultraviolet light
  • Fits 95mm threaded lenses
Bestseller No. 15
Newks 95mm MRC UV Protection Filter Kit,Clear UV Filters Slim Protector,16 Multi-Layer Nano Coated/Ultra Thin/High Definition/Quality for Canon,Nikon,Sony,Sigma,etc 95mm Camera Lens Protective
  • 【Protective UV Filter】 This UV filter reduces haze and minimizes ultraviolet (UV) rays while improving contrast. Perfect for capturing high altitude and snow photos without the bluish cast. Keep this filter on your lens to protect against dust, scratches, and bumps
  • 【High-Quality Optical Glass】The quality optical glass protects your lens from dirt, scratches, fingerprints, and unexpected damage,Nano-Coatings Featuring 16 layers of optical coatings and a light transmittance of up to 99.4% (and a minimum light reflectance of less than 0.3%), the multicoated UV filter blocks out ultraviolet rays ranging from 300nm to 410nm to reduce flare and ghosting while ensuring accurate color rendition
  • 【Strong Lens Frame】 Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, the filter frame is strong and durable. With precision manufacturing and a matte black anodized finish, the screw-on filter is easy to use and has less reflections from the metal filter frame. The 0.24”/6.1mm thick filter measures only 0.13”/3.2mm in depth when screwed on your lens to avoid lens vignetting—ideal for wide-angle lens and telephoto lens
  • 【Super Slim & Non-Slip】 Super slim(only 0.13inch/3.2mm).non-slip design(trapezoidal pattern) ensure the friction is increased over a large area when rotate filter, very easy to install and remove the filter
  • 【Compatibility】 Compatible with all 95mm lenses. Please find out your camera’s lens thread size before buying. The thread size will be marked on the lens or the lens cap with the ‘ø’ followed by a number
Bestseller No. 16
ZEISS T* Anti-Reflective Coating UV Protection Filter 95mm
  • QUALITY: High-quality glass featuring ZEISS T anti-reflective coating
  • FLEXIBILITY: High-fit accuracy for fast filter change. Can be used with a lens shade
  • EFFECT: Optimal protection of the front lens element and more clarity for your photograph
Bestseller No. 17
NiSi 95mm Swift True Color ND-Vario | 1-5 Stops Variable Neutral Density Filter | Adjustable ND, True-to-Life Color, No Vignetting, Optical Glass with Nano Coating | Photography and Videography
  • VARIABLE ND FILTER: The True Color Variable ND filter is an all-in-one filter that reduces light from 1 to 5 stops, making it perfect for shooting in various situations with shifting light conditions.
  • TRUE COLOR: This VND filter features our hd-quality optical glass with True Color film to produce accurate colors with no noticeable color shifting, reducing post-processing time for color correction.
  • DESIGN: The knurled edges of the lightweight aluminum frame, removable stainless steel control handle, and markings displaying densities make for improved installation and easy density adjustments.
  • NO VIGNETTING: A larger front filter thread and thin frame on this filter ensures no vignetting on ultra-wide or longer telephoto lenses, making it ideal for focal lengths of 35mm and longer.
  • OPTICAL COATING: The NiSi Nano Coating provides a waterproof, smudge-proof, anti-reflective layer, ensuring optimal image quality, easy cleaning, and longevity of your filter investment.
Bestseller No. 18
95mm UV Filter for Select Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony, Sigma, Tamron Digital Cameras, SLR Lenses, and Camcorders
  • ✔️ 95mm UV Filter for Select Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony, Sigma, Tamron Digital Cameras, SLR Lenses, and Camcorders
  • ✔️ If there is only one accessory you will purchase for the lens of your camera or camcorder, this should be the one - Most popular protection filter; ideal for indoor and outdoor photography
  • ✔️ A UV filter serves to protect your lens from all dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprints. - Helps eliminate bluish cast in images
  • ✔️ It also absorbs the Ultraviolet rays of the sun thereby reducing or eliminating distortion. Prevents loss of sharpness and contrast by filtering out UV rays
  • ✔️ Our filters are manufactured from the finest solid optical glass, and are heat treated and multi-coated to ensure optimum picture quality. - Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol.
Bestseller No. 19
ICE 95mm ND100000 Optical Glass Filter Neutral Density 16.5 Stop ND 100000 95
  • Ultra-Dark with an exposure factor of 16.5 F Stops
  • Metal, double threaded frame to allow additional filters or hoods.
  • Optical Glass
  • For best results we recommend that you use with a tripod.
Bestseller No. 20
K&F Concept 95mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density) ND Filter with 28 Multi-Coated Optical AGC Glass Waterproof Camera Lens Filter- for Long Exposure Photography (Nano-X Series)
  • This filter 10 stop fixed neutral density filter exposure correction, not variable.
  • 【Enhanced Photography】Achieve stunning long-exposure effects by reducing light intake by 10 stops, ideal for capturing mesmerizing waterfalls or smooth motion trails.
  • 【Premium Japanese AGC Glass】Crafted from high-quality AGC optical glass with a mere 0.2% reflectivity, delivering true colors without any color cast for an authentic visual experience.
  • 【Advanced Nanometer Coatings】Hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective green coating protects your lens, resisting oil, fingerprints, and scratches while enhancing light transmission for optimum image quality.
  • 【Multi-Layer Coatings】The 28 multi-layer coated design effectively reduces ghosting, flare, and unwanted reflections, enhancing image clarity by minimizing surface light reflection.

Bottom Line about 95Mm Filter

When you purchase 95mm filter, it’s important to consider whether or not the item will actually serve its purpose. Sometimes we may think that an acquisition is necessary when really there are other options available at a lower cost, which would suffice just as well with no loss in value–reviewing these alternatives beforehand can help avoid wasting money on unnecessary purchases later down the line. 

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