Book talk with Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall

On the occasion of the publication of TV (The Book): Two Experts Pick The Greatest American TV Shows of All Time, authors Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz will join us for a discussion of all things television. From the Golden Age’s beginning in the mid-late ’90s to cult favorites like Arrested Development and today’s digital revolution led by shows like Orange is the New BlackHorace, and Pete, and new phenom Stranger Things, these two have had their finger on the pulse as firmly as anyone. Join us on September 25 as they discuss their new critical anthology and their favorite shows of past and present.

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The Last Day of Summer

Labor Day marks when the weather starts to cool, and students return to the city. Join us as we celebrate the turning of the seasons with a beach-themed party. Savor your final mojito of the season, and kick back and relax with us with one beach-set film after another all day. All the pleasures of sunshine and the ocean without the intolerable heat!


On July 15, 1974, WXLT-TV news anchor Christine Chubbock committed suicide live and on-air, and the footage – along with all other footage of Christine Chubbock – has never been seen since. In an era when almost anything is available at our fingertips, the unavailability is a mystery in itself, but it also poses a difficult question for an actor: how do you get into character when you cannot even hear her voice?

Kate Lyn Sheil (Sun Don’t ShineListen Up Philip) tackles that problem in the latest non-fiction offering from Robert Greene (Fake It So RealActress). As the crew documents Kate’s journey to get into character, they also are forced to confront questions about sexism in the workplace, America’s thirst for violence, and by extension, the ethics of making a film about Chubbuck. Part documentary, part cerebral thriller, Kate Plays Christine is guaranteed to cast a spell that won’t soon wear off!

the september calendar

KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE screens September 30 – October 2, with guests TBA.

First Fridays

Our spotlight on horror films on the first Friday of every month continues with TRAIN TO BUSANA critical hit at Cannes, the railroad-set zombie apocalypse film went on to break attendance records when it premiered in its home country of South Korea.

Like Snowpiercer with the scares turned up to 11, we are proud to present Yeon Sang-ho’s terrifying live-action debut.

Have a Drink on Me

What do films as disparate as BLUE VELVETWITHNAIL AND I, and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE have in common? Alcohol! From the stubborn brand preferences of the unforgettable Frank to the boozy getaways of London’s lake district and the melancholy of eras bygone, each screening will be paired with a drink that evokes the film’s world.

the september calendar

Two Hearts are Better than One

Our partnerships with Fluent City and MUBI continue in September. In conjunction with Fluent City, on September 1, we will be screening Wim Wenders’ ALICE IN THE CITIES, one of the director’s most touching achievements and first endeavor into the road genre that came to define him. Then, on September 16, we will again team up with Fluent City to present THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY, Luis Bunuel, at his most surrealist, blasphemous, and even prescient.

MUBI will begin month-long runs of Eric Rohmer’s The Marquise of O and Full Moon in Paris on August 27 and 28, respectively. We will be complementing the series on September 15 with PAULINE AT THE BEACH, one of the director’s most delightful works and the precedent to Full Moon in Paris in the “Comedies and Proverbs” cycle.


PLUS: Live scores return with FANTASTIC PLANET; bingo brings GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL and the third season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT; Sunday trivia highlights SEX AND THE CITY, GOLDEN GIRLS, and THE OFFICE; No Budge life with Kentucker Audley; Baz Luhrmann’s ROMEO + JULIET; THE VIRGIN SUICIDES; and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND back by popular demand!

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