New DJI Pocket 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9: Which Is The Better Choice For You?

Wondering if the new DJI Pocket 2 is better than the GoPro Hero 9? Both of these cameras are amazing and have a lot to offer. They both have their pros and cons, so it depends on what you’re looking for in a camera. The DJI Pocket is a great choice for those who want something small and lightweight that they can easily carry with them.

It’s also a good choice for those who want to be able to shoot high-quality videos. The GoPro Hero is a great choice for those who want something durable and can take a lot of abuse. It’s also a good choice for those who want to be able to shoot high-quality videos. So, new DJI Pocket 2 vs GoPro Hero 9, which is the better choice for you? It depends on what you’re looking for in a camera.

If you want something small and lightweight that you can easily carry with you, then the DJI Pocket is a great choice. If you want something durable and can take a lot of abuse, then the GoPro Hero is a great choice. Whichever camera you choose, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

New DJI Pocket 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9: Reviews

New DJI Pocket 2

DJI Pocket 2 - Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with 4K Camera, 1/1.7” CMOS, 64MP Photo, Pocket-Sized, ActiveTrack 3.0, Glamour Effects, YouTube TikTok Video Vlog, for Android and iPhone, Black
  • POCKET-SIZED: DJI Pocket 2 weighs only 116 g and offers up to 140 minutes of battery life. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so that you can take it anywhere. DJI Pocket 2 turns on in a second so you can capture photos and videos in an instant..Battery Capacity : 875 mAh, Voltage : 7.7 V. Energy : 6.738 Wh.
  • MOTORIZED STABILIZATION: A 3-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for smooth video on the move. This technology is also great for a crisp photo at any time. The gimbal keeps the camera steady, even for long-exposure shots and in low-light environments.
  • HIGH IMAGE QUALITY: An upgraded 1/1.7-inch sensor captures images with 64MP photo and 4K video. A sweeping 20mm f/1.8 lens provides a wide, vivid cinematic look.
  • ENHANCED AUDIO: Consisting of four microphones, DJI Matrix Stereo offers sound recording in different directions, as well as Audio Zoom and SoundTrack, which enhance audio based on the camera's direction and focus.
  • GLAMOUR EFFECTS: Always share your best selfie with Glamour Effects. Boasting a 93° angle view, Pocket 2 allows for more flexible capture and perfectly-composed shots for social media.

The new DJI Pocket is a tiny yet powerful camera that can shoot amazing videos and photos. The big selling point of the Pocket is its size; it’s about the same size as a smartphone. But despite its small size, the Pocket can shoot up to 1080p video and 12-megapixel photos. It also has several cool features, like a built-in gimbal for stabilization, and it can be controlled with your smartphone.

The Pocket’s video quality is very good, and it’s easy to use. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a viewfinder or LCD screen, so you have to rely on your smartphone to see what you’re shooting. But overall, the Pocket is a great little camera that can shoot great videos and photos.


  • The market’s steadiest and most portable camera
  • A great option for vloggers is the Creator Combo.
  • It’s a really helpful feature for tracking.


  • Poor performance in low light
  • Scenes with high contrast might be challenging to handle.
  • It can get very hot while shooting 4K.

GoPro Hero 9

GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam, Stabilization
  • 5K Video - Shoot stunning video with up to 5K resolution, perfect for maintaining detail even when zooming in
  • 20MP Photo with SuperPhoto: Capture crisp, pro-quality photos with 20MP clarity. And with SuperPhoto, HERO9 Black can automatically pick all the best image processing for you
  • Front Display plus Rear Touch Screen: A new, larger rear touch screen with touch zoom on HERO9 Black and a dazzling new front display makes for easy framing and intuitive camera control
  • Live Streaming plus Webcam: Live stream in 1080p on social, get HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast
  • HyperSmooth 3.0: Experience the ultimate smoothness with our most advanced video stabilization ever.TimeWarp 3.0: Record mesmerizes time lapse scenes as you move on the road, on foot or anywhere else.Rugged plus Waterproof: Shoot in the gnarliest conditions imaginable. HERO9 Black can take it. It's tough as nails, and waterproof down to 33 feet right out of the box

The new GoPro Hero is one of the most anticipated action cameras of the year. And for good reason, it’s packed with an all-new sensor, updated stabilization, and a host of other features that make it a worthy upgrade from its predecessor. But how does it stack up against the competition? GoPro’s flagship action camera has long been the gold standard for others to aspire to.

The new GoPro Hero builds on that legacy with an all-new sensor that promises better image quality, improved stabilization, and a host of other features.


  • Fantastic bundle rate
  • Excellent front-facing screen Improved battery life
  • Durable construction is maintained
  • 20-megapixel photos and 5K video
  • An effective phone connection
  • Additional rear display
  • Remote management


new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9
  • Due to their increased size, some attachments are no longer necessary.
  • Inactive touchscreen
  • There are no possible backward-compatible batteries.
  • Better voice controls, but they’re still a little glitchy
  • No 4K/120p option is available.
  • HDR processing takes longer than Max and weighs more than Max (bigger).

New DJI Pocket 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9: Detailed Comparison

Real-World Conditions

Let’s start by weighing the price of each option between the new DJI Pocket 2 vs GoPro Hero 9 against the benefits you will receive. If you simply consider the entry-level models, it could be challenging to make a decision. The primary setup of the DJI Pocket 2 is less precise. Purists will love this, but the GoPro Hero9’s built-in capabilities are more practical.

Instead, what if you get the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo? The MSRP does not tie. For both cameras, the Wireless Microphone Transmitter is the ideal choice. You receive a little tripod. Additionally, a wireless component, Bluetooth, a remote mic receiver, as well as a speaker are included in the Do-It-All Handle.

Value is equally significant as price. Two alternatives with a lot of features are offered for the same price. Everything will come down to personal taste. GoPro’s new Media Mod is an essential purchase. It houses a directional mic, an HDMI output, and two cold shoes for extra lights or mics.

The GoPro Max Exterior Housing is not as expensive as the Media Mod and still gives you the chance to add extra accessories.

Comparing The Sensors

The 16.0MP1.7 sized CMOS sensor of the DJI Pocket 2 is impressive. On the other hand, the GoPro Hero9 Black boasts a 23.0MP 6.17×5.55 mm CMOS sensor. Additionally, it has a GP1 processor. A significant edge in real-life is provided by the GoPro Hero9 Black’s sensor, which has 7 MP greater than the Pocket 2’s sensor. You can easily crop or print off larger versions of your photographs.

The resolution power is only partially determined by the Max sensor resolution. Filter, optical components, pixel size, & sensor technology are some examples of the aspects that have an impact on the final image. Compared to the GoPro Hero9 Black, the sensor surface of the Pocket 2 is 1.5 times larger.

new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9

When taken off the same focal length & aperture, larger sensors provide photographers more command over the field’s depth and hazy backdrop than smaller sensors.


The GoPro Hero9 Black has a 15mm F2.8 Prime Lens, while the DJI Pocket 2 has a 20mm F1.8 Prime Lens. Compared to the DJI Pocket 2, the GoPro Hero9 Black has 5 mm more coverage. The DJI Pocket 2 is faster at the widest end because of its maximum aperture of f1.80. GoPro Hero9 Black’s telephoto end is 5mm shorter on the Pocket 2 than it is. With f1.80, it is quicker at the tele end.

Start-Up To Filming Time

Your camera isn’t live, but you see something amazing? If it’s running away, Hero 9 won’t let you capture it. Unbeatable is the Pocket 2’s one-second transition to 4k video and then back to boot. Because it can be shut down between photos and then quickly cranked back up, the Pocket 2 would be a fantastic battery saver.

If you have a second and want to get the shot, filming with your GoPro will help. The GoPro’s start-up time is about average for an action camera. It’ll take about two seconds for the GoPro to power on and be ready to record.

The new DJI Pocket Camera has some serious competition when it comes to start-up time. It’ll take the Pocket Camera about one second to be ready to record after being powered on.


Although the Pocket 2 was little, it was functional. Hero 9 had numerous issues with reactivity. The firmware update deserves praise! The GoPro’s screens may now be utilized again, albeit not flawless. It has screens on the front and rear. Additionally, bigger than DJI’s single screen is the front screen. The extra space is welcome for vlogging and framing shots.

The Pocket’s screen, on the other hand, is touch-enabled. It’s a fantastic feature to have for those who want more control over their footage. Plus, the new Media Mod (an optional extra) gives you even more options. For example, you can now use an external microphone and monitor your audio levels in real-time.

Rugged Action

As if you still needed more. Moving a physical gimbal around is not a smart idea. Better mounting possibilities for bikes and automobiles are provided by the GoPro, which is more durable and waterproof. Anyone who asserts differently is not wearing a helmet. The GoPro is the way to go for filming action scenes.

new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9

Both cameras are about the same size, but the new Pocket has a much larger sensor. This gives the image greater clarity and detail, making it perfect for capturing those special moments. The large sensor also allows for more light to be captured, giving you brighter images and videos.

Indigenous Audio Pickup

Sometimes, the number of microphones you have doesn’t matter. That is not the situation. High-quality audio straight out of the box as well as a clever four-microphone configuration that lets you record audio in a variety of inventive ways. The new DJI Pocket is a definite step up in this department.

The GoPro Hero, on the other hand, has been pretty much the same in terms of audio quality for years now. There’s no doubt that the Hero’s video and photo capabilities are miles ahead of the Pocket’s but when it comes to audio, the new DJI wins hands down.


  • DJI Pocket 2 battery life is 875 mAh.
  • Hero 9 GoPro: 1720 mAh

In the conflict between the new DJI Pocket 2 vs GoPro Hero 9, it is the most important as well as the least pleasing category. This should be an important distinction, yet it turned out neither camera could fulfill the requirement.

The battery in the DJI Pocket 2 has a higher average lifespan and recharges faster, but it cannot be changed. Despite the GoPro’s reduced battery life, you can still change it. Neither option is the best.

Consistent Video Quality

In the same way that GoPro is renowned for rough use, DJI would be the master of stability. Does the new hardware generation share that? The competition between the new DJI Pocket 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9 is predictable. GoPro is free to make whatever changes they want to their software, with their most current firmware upgrade that did fix certain shadow-related problems.

The gimbal has stability for 4k and 60 FPS. There are none. No shadows flicker. The video quality is, as one would expect from DJI, very good. There are three different fields of view to choose from wide, linear, and narrow. We tested all of them and they’re all useful in different situations.

The wide-angle mode is great for getting everything in the shot, while the linear mode is better for keeping the horizon level (useful when you’re flying or moving around a lot). The narrow field of view is great for when you want to get up close and personal with your subject.

new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9

Erratic Video Quality

Before GoPro released their 5k mode, this is the one that was up for grabs. The gap in quality between 4k & 5k is pretty tolerable even though it only gives 30 FPS. High FPS and stability are not necessary. If so, you can select the gorgeous better resolution every day. The video quality is still not as good as the GoPro Hero though.

The new DJI Pocket doesn’t have this problem. The video is always stable and of great quality, no matter what resolution you select. It’s one of the main reasons why we decided to switch to DJI. If you’re looking for a pocket-sized camera that can shoot great video, the DJI Pocket is the way to go.

One thing to note is that the new GoPro Hero doesn’t have stabilization in its highest resolution mode. If you’re looking for a pocket-sized camera that can shoot great video without any stabilization, then the GoPro Hero is the way to go. Otherwise, we would recommend the DJI Pocket.


DJI Pocket 2

You may think of the DJI Pocket 2 as having two sensors in one. The first is a camera that can be used for vlogging. While you converse or wander about your kitchen while vlogging what you do, the other camera operator is set in position and follows you around. A gimbal system that excels in handling wobbles and walks is the 3-axis DJI Pocket 2.

Even if you purchase an action camera, when shaking is smoothed out, you will still experience micro-judder. These are missing from Pocket 2. Also available is a smartphone grip. Your phone would need to have room for this, and different mobiles will perform differently. You can mount this quirky small camera on a stick.

There are three modes: follow (camera stays horizontal), FPV, and tilt locked (up/down turning is disabled) (full range). Before you begin taking it on a shoot, we advise spending an hour sipping coffee and jumping around in the living room and garden because these distinctions are not immediately obvious.

Using the app, you may manage the Pocket 2’s mode switching, panorama, manual shooting, or object tracking. The clip-on lenses that support the Pocket 2 on a mini-pod in the Creator Combo would give you far more options, particularly as it relates to ultra-wide photography. The app allows you to record external audio as well.

new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9

From the app, you can also change how your images look. The new “color” setting is on by default and gives your footage a very natural look with balanced colors that are not oversaturated. You can, however, still, choose from the standard “DJI” color profile or go all-out with the “D-Cinelike” setting, which is great for post-processing.

The other big change is that the Pocket now records in H.265, which means that you get smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality. In our testing, we found that the bitrate was around 100Mbps in all modes except for “Cinematic,” where it goes up to 120Mbps.

GoPro Hero 9

GoPro’s special sauce has always been the mix of its industry-leading HyperSmooth steadiness, which was originally made available on the Hero 7 Black, plus innovative software capabilities like TimeWarp. Although the Hero 9 Black increases these features and increases the device’s range, it doesn’t provide a strong argument for upgrading from the Hero 8 Black.

Under the hood, some significant adjustments have been made. GoPro’s Hero 3 Black, released in 2012, had a 12MP sensor, and the Hero 9 Black included a new sensor to boost the quality to 23.6MP. It features the HyperSmoothBoost stabilization option, which reduces your video by 25% in all resolutions, and can record 5K/30p video and 20MP still images.

A higher resolution, however, does not always imply superior image quality. The outcome may vary depending on the sensor size, image processing, and lens quality. The 1/2.3in sensor on the Hero 9 Black is the exact size as its predecessors. It is thus smaller than the 1-inch Edition module of the Insta360 One R.

The 23.6MP resolution nevertheless makes it possible to access the Hero 9 Black’s primary features. The Hero 9 Black’s 5K/30p mode can record more detail than any other GoPro under ideal circumstances, including good lighting. The Hero 9 Black’s increased resolution also enables it to contain the extra pixels necessary for HyperSmoothBoost stabilization.

This can remove judder from both 4K/60p and 5K/30p mountain bike rides. The Hero 8 Black can’t possibly be used for this. TimeWarp 3.0 and HyperSmooth 3.0 do not significantly outperform their Hero 8 Black competitors. At the two higher resolutions, Boost stabilization is essentially provided by HyperSmooth 3.0.

Additionally, it offers useful horizon leveling that’s been previously exclusively offered in the GoPro App. Even though it’s still one of the most popular GoPro effects, TimeWarp 3.0 simply lets you add a one-speed ramp to the center of your video to momentarily slow it down plus add sounds. It’s not a significant enhancement, but it is a pleasant tool that quickens the editing process.

new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9

Even more intriguing are the new “Power Tools” for the Hero 9 Black. GoPro Labs, a brand-new platform that enables GoPro customers to test out new beta features, is where these little software techniques were first made public. Many of the most famous choices currently belong to Hero 9 Black.

“Hindsight” is one of our favorites. The action camera will turn on and begin to continuously buffer video while waiting for something GoPro-worthy to occur. If the occurrence does happen, like your cat performing a flawless cartwheel, you may hit the camera button to get the prior video’s first 15 to 30 seconds.

It’s an excellent technique to conserve memory cards if you want to document the Rube Goldberg machine in action. Other “Power Tools” like “duration capture” and “planned capture” seem like they should have been included with GoPros years ago. They do, however, function effectively and broaden Hero 9 Black’s capabilities.

The dynamic range of the GoPro Hero 9 is significantly greater than the Pocket 2’s. Additionally, it is more robust and has better battery life. The DJI Pocket 2 has a lower depth, greater resolution, and is compact. In the end, it all comes down to what you want from a camera.

The GoPro Hero Black is the best option if you’re looking for a durable camera that can take great pictures and videos. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking to use Power Tools to enhance your videos. The DJI Pocket is the better choice if you’re looking for a compact camera with great resolution.

Some Alternatives To New DJI Pocket 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9

While the New DJI Pocket 2 and the GoPro Hero 9 are both great cameras, they each have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Here are some alternatives that may be a better fit for your needs.

Sony A6400

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera: Compact APS-C Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with Real-Time Eye Auto Focus, 4K Video, Flip Screen & 16-50mm Lens - E Mount Compatible - ILCE-6400L/B, Black
  • 20.1MP stacked back illuminated 1" Exmor RS CMOS sensor w/ DRAM, large aperture 24-70mm1 F1.8-2.8 ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens
  • Enhanced subject capture: wide 425 Phase/ 425 contrast detection points over 84 percent of the sensor
  • Fast and accurate: Up to 11Fps continuous shooting at 24.2 MP raw with crisp, clear natural colors
  • Multiple movie functions: Make time lapse movies or slow/quick motion videos without post processing
  • Tiltable LCD screen: customizable for vlogging, still photography or recording a professional film

The Sony A6400 is a great alternative to the new DJI Pocket if you need a more powerful camera. It has a higher megapixel count and can shoot in high definition at up to 120 frames per second. Plus, it comes with a viewfinder and built-in flash. The downside to the A6400 is that it doesn’t have as long of battery life as the DJI Pocket, and it’s not as rugged.

So, if you need a camera that can go anywhere and take great photos and videos, the DJI Pocket is the better choice. But if you need a more powerful camera for things like shooting sports or wildlife, the Sony A6400 is a great option.

Akaso EK7000

AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS 20MP WiFi Action Camera with EIS Ultra HD Underwater Camera 131FT Waterproof Camera Remote Control 4X Zoom Support External Microphone Black
  • 4K Ultra HD action camera: Professional 4K 30Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video with 20MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.
  • Wireless wrist remote control sports camera: With a wrist 2.4G remote, you can capture the world in an all-new way. Controlling the camera, framing shots or recording video is convenient. (THE REMOTE IS NOT WATERPROOF)
  • Longer battery life: AKASO EK7000 action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each battery can record up to 90 minutes. No more worry about the recording time for this Action camera.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI, edit & share your action in minutes: Just download App(AKASO GO) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
  • 131 Feet waterproof camera: AKASO EK7000 is designed to withstand extreme environments, together with durable waterproof case. With the accessories, transform it for indoor and outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for something cheaper than the GoPro Hero, the Akaso EK7000 might be a good option. It can’t shoot in as high of a resolution, but it’s still a capable camera.

Insta360 One X

Insta360 ONE X Action Camera 360 Degree 5.7K 18MP Stabilization Real Time WiFi Transfer Sports Video Construction Documentation
  • LEADING IMAGE QUALITY --- Shoot stunning 5.7K video or 18MP photo.
  • IMPOSSIBLE STABILIZATION --- FlowState keeps shots steady, be it while jumping out of a plane, or mounting it on your dog.
  • CONTROL TIME & PERSPECTIVE --- Reframe your shots after the fact. Then control the speed of playback with TimeShift.
  • EDIT ON THE FLY --- The Insta360 ONE X APP is an editing room in your pocket.
  • ABOUT THIS ITEM --- Compatible with StructionSite, OpenSpace, Holobuilder, Reconstruct and all major contruction and project documentation platforms.

The Insta360 One X is a great option if you’re looking for something that can shoot in 360 degrees. It’s a bit more expensive than the other cameras on this list, but it’s worth it for the added functionality. The One X can shoot in both 360 degrees and standard video, meaning you can create some cool effects with it.

The downside is that it’s not as rugged as the other cameras on this list, so it’s not the best choice for action shots.

These are just a few of the many great alternatives to the new DJI Pocket and GoPro Hero cameras. No matter what your needs are, there’s sure to be a camera out there that’s perfect for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and find the perfect camera for your needs!

New DJI Pocket 2 Vs GoPro Hero 9: FAQs

new dji pocket 2 vs gopro hero 9

Are the new features of the DJI Pocket worth the extra cost?

The Dji Pocket is slightly more expensive than the GoPro, but it does have some features that might be worth the extra cost. If you think you’ll use the flip-out screen and touch controls, then it might be worth spending a bit more on the DJI.

How do the two cameras compare in terms of image quality?

Both cameras shoot in high quality, but the Dji Pocket has a slightly higher resolution. This means that you’ll be able to get slightly better-looking photos with the Dji Pocket.

Which camera is better for vlogging?

The Dji Pocket is the better camera for vlogging, as it has a flip-out screen that makes it easier to frame yourself. The GoPro can also be used for vlogging, but you’ll need to use your smartphone as a viewfinder, which can be a bit tricky.

Is the Dji Pocket waterproof?

No, the Dji Pocket is not waterproof. However, it is splash-proof, so you can use it in light rain or snow. If you want a camera that you can take swimming, then you’ll need to get a GoPro.

Do I need a special mount for the Dji Pocket?

No, the Dji Pocket uses the same mounts as the GoPro. This means that you can use any existing GoPro mounts or accessories with the Dji Pocket.


The dynamic range of the GoPro Hero 9 is significantly greater than the Pocket 2’s. Additionally, it is more robust and has longer battery life. The DJI Pocket 2 has a lower depth, greater resolution, and is compact. In the end, it all comes down to what you want from a camera.

When deciding between the new DJI Pocket 2 vs GoPro Hero 9, we hope that this post will be useful to you. If you have any other questions, please let us know in the comments below. Have a great day!

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