Top Movies Where Technologies Turn against People

Science fiction movies have always been popular. People like to watch different worlds, different people, and futuristic gadgets. However, if you look at modern technologies and compare them to the ones of, let’s say, twenty years ago, you may say that not all of those things in movies may be considered fiction one day.

Many movies about technology show the possible negative sides of all these innovations. They have different ideas and conclusions, but they are all united by one topic – technologies against people. Here are the best movies and TV series that touch upon this topic.

I, Robot

movies about technology turning against people

I, Robot is one of the best technology movies about robots turning against people (and the competition is great here). It shows the future where robots have become a part of humans’ life, helping them in many ways. Bad things start to happen when one Robot breaks the most important rule – never harm people. The following series of events show that the artificial mind can be a very dangerous thing.

Ex Machina

Here is another movie about the artificial mind getting too clever. A young man is hired by a billionaire to spend a week in a remote house testing a female robot with artificial intelligence. This Robot seems incredibly smart, and sometimes it is hard to differentiate it from a real person. As the story goes on, this Robot turns out to be not as friendly anymore.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of the hottest TV shows about technology at the moment. These popular series have brought many discussions among people of different ages. The series shows the possible future scenarios that could happen if people were not careful with technology.

Some of the episodes are so similar to what is happening right now that you sometimes can hardly call it a sci-fi project. Every episode shows a different story with different characters and usually bears a very deep, sometimes eye-opening idea.

Big Hero 9

movies about technology turning against people

Big Hero 9 is definitely one of the greatest sci-fi movies for kids. It is an animated adaptation of Marvel comics that is full of charismatic and fun characters. It is a story about a future where the main characters experiment with creating robots. The movie has one very good Robot, Baymax, but it also shows how modern technologies can go wrong in the hands of evil people. Overall, it is a great movie to watch with your kids.

The Terminator

This already classic science fiction feature could not stay out of this list. It shows in full the possible negative consequences of inventing artificial intelligence. The movie shows a computer provoking a nuclear war and enslaving the surviving people. It is actually one of the science fiction movies for children to watch with you. Watching this movie, you can think of the possible dangers of technology, and kids can admire the good old Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Westworld Series

Westworld is a fresh TV series about rebelling androids. The main character Robert creates a theme park in the style of the 19th century, filling it with realistic androids. The guests of this park are free to fulfill their western-style fantasies and do anything they want to the androids. Robots, on the other hand, cannot harm people in any circumstances.

After some time, robots start to act differently and show signs of more evolving intelligence. After a sudden system failure, some androids break the rule of not harming people, and the fight between humans and machines begins.


A brilliant scientist Will Caster works on inventing a perfect artificial intelligence that will comprise all the human knowledge. After being shot by one of the technology haters, Will is unconscious and has only five weeks to live. Using his own algorithm, his wife copies Will’s mind to a hard drive of the PINN computer. Will dies, but his mind comes to life on the computer.

Although it seems like actual Will at the beginning, afterward, everyone understands that it is a machine that wants to evolve and to make all the people turn into the same state. The movie teaches us to be careful with technology.

The Matrix

This list would not be full without the Matrix, a cult sci-fi movie. In case you somehow missed it, it is about a young man Neo who finds out that the world he has been living in is just an illusion and the real world is taken by powerful machines that use people as the sources of energy.

Technology in movies is an often phenomenon. You should watch such movies occasionally, not only because of the thrill. These movies remind you that you do not know the full potential of modern technologies, and one day, they can harm us instead of helping us.

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