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best digital camera under 200

Best Digital Point and Shoot Cameras under $200

The best of point-and-shoot cameras that are sold for $200 or less are unlikely going to get you professional looking images, but then nobody is a professional when they just started. Despite lacking advanced specifications, many believe that any digital cameras in this price point are good enough for beginners who are just beginning to

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best microphone for youtube

Best Vlogging Microphones for Youtube Videos

Surely you agree with me when I say a good YouTube video is one that not only has crisp and bright images throughout its length, but also clear audio quality. After all, nobody can comprehend whatever your video content is when the sound is too muffled and noisy. Video and audio goes hand in hand

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best digital cameras underwater

Best Digital Cameras For Underwater

So you’re planning on taking photos underwater. Whether you’re scuba diving, or just snorkeling it can be tough picking the right underwater camera. Some cameras leak, while others don’t take good pictures underwater. Still others don’t work properly the deeper in the water you go. You can always opt to buy waterproof camera holdings, but

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best point and shoot cameras

Best Point and Shoot Digital Cameras For 2023

Compact digital cameras are a great choice for the casual user, the beginner, or the budget buyer. They’re sleek, small, convenient, and fit into any pocket, and overall their photo quality should meet almost everyone”s needs. Our editors went ahead and tried most of the best point and shoot cameras in the market and here

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best dslr for hiking

Best DSLR For Hiking

Picking the best dslr for hiking can be a tough choice – there are many factors to consider. Do you want to go with a convenient, lightweight camera that you can whip out in an instant? Something cheap that you won’t cry over when it falls to the ground? Our experts discuss amongst themselves the

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best midrange dslr cameras

Best Mid Range DSLR For 2023

So you got money to spend, but not that much. You don’t want an entry level digital SLR like the Nikon D5000, but you can’t afford a Canon Mark IV either. Here are some best midrange dslr cameras: Nikon D90 (with 18-105 mm lens) The Nikon D90 was the first DSLR to introduce video capture,

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best dslrs for beginners

Best DSLR For Beginners and Newbies

Finding the best dslrs for beginners can be a tough task for a beginner. There are so many options, brands, and features. However, several cameras are ideal for beginners because of their simplicity and ease of use. These are great options to consider if you want a simple DSLR that doesn’t sacrifice image quality and

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best canon rebel

Best Canon Rebel camera

The EOS Rebel series by Canon is a highly popular series, and for good reason. It’s filled with excellent entry level digital SLRs, perfect for beginners and intermediate photographers. Here is our short list of the best canon rebel in the Canon Rebel series. Best Canon Rebel camera Reviews Canon EOS Rebel T1i The EOS

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best budget action cameras under 100

Top GoPro Alternative – Best Budget Action Camera under $100

High-end action camera like GoPro Hero 5 Black is not for everyone. The plethora of sophisticated features, along with the number of customization options it comes with, can very well overwhelm those who are new to action cam. Sure, the waterproof construction and the 2-inch touchscreen are nice improvements from the previous generation of GoPro.

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best dslr camera under 500

Best DSLR Cameras under $500

Back in early 2000, a budget of $500 would hardly get you a camera that delivered image quality no better than today’s smartphone cameras do. Fast forward to , we have quite a few good choices in this price range. Below, you’ll find a list of the 10 best entry-level DSLR cameras under $500 that

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Panasonic Lumix ZS7

Panasonic Lumix ZS7 : Compare Prices and Read Reviews

The best price for the Panasonic Lumix ZS7 can be found for sale on Amazon for $282.69. This is a 29% discount on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7. Panasonic Lumix ZS7 Review The Panasonic Lumix ZS7 is one of our favorite point and shoot cameras. With a 12.1 megapixel CCD, a 12 X optical zoom, and

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Best Digital Camera For Sports Photography

Best Digital Camera For Sports Photography

So you’re looking for the best Digital Camera For Sports Photography. The ideal camera is one that handles fast moving objects without any noise or blur. You want something that delivers sharp, accurate pictures 99.99% of the time with excellent performance. It’s the difference between shooting a classic shot, and just an average one, or

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best dslr for baby photos

Best DSLR For Baby Photos

So you just have a new baby, or perhaps one of your best friends/relatives is having a baby and you want to shoot gorgeous timeless photos of them. First, you need a DSLR for sure. Forget point and shoots – they’re great for casual occasions, but when it comes to taking pictures of babies, you want it

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Best DSLR For Astronomy

Best DSLR For Astronomy

Choosing the best DSLR for astronomy can be a tough choice – there are so many options and it can be confusing to pick the right equipment. Do you use want to modify an existing camera or buy a DSLR that is more suited for astronomy? This guide is suited for those that want to

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best vlogging cameras with flip-screen

15 Best Cameras with Flip Screen for Vlogging

Thinking about getting a camera with a flip screen to start your own vlog? Good for you! Not all cameras offer the same extent of flexibility as a flip screen. Some may come with a tilting display, but that’s nowhere near the versatility of a fully articulating LCD screen. In this post, I’ve listed the

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best led camera lights

Top 10 Best LED Camera Lights Buying Guide 2023

Capturing perfect photos and videos is certainly what every photographer wants. In order to get an excellent photo, you just need to consider many crucial factors including cameras, angle, background, and most importantly lighting. Lighting plays a vital role in getting the perfect photos. However, some people still find it quite difficult to choose the

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best cameras for filmmaking on a budget

Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget in 2023

The last couple of years has been extremely giving to aspiring filmmakers who were able to thrive and make a mark for themselves in the era of good quality yet affordable filmmaking cameras.  There are Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget available from almost every renowned brand, but it can be easy to get

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best photo light boxes

Best Photo Light Boxes in 2023 Reviews

Whether you are taking photos to fulfill your hobby or to complete your business advertising campaign, you might think of a suitable background and enough source of light to fit the photographed objects. Getting an excellent lightful experience helps to complement the look of your products too. Therefore, getting professional cameras is not enough; you

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best photo storage boxes

Best Photo Storage Boxes In 2023 Reviews

If you have an extensive collection of photos, this means you have a lot of memories to keep. Unlike photo frames that hold one photo by one photo, the photo storage boxes offer more space to keep something in a significant amount. The boxes are not only designed to keep photos, but they also aim at serving

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how many lumens for a projector

How Many Lumens Are Good for a Projector And Why

When buying a new projector or trying to get the most out of yours, there’s nothing more important to consider than the number of lumens it offers. If you don’t have the right amount of lumens in the device, then getting the brightest or the most colorful image will be difficult. And if you don’t

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lux vs lumens

Lumens vs. Lux – Know The Actual Difference Between Them?

If you’ve ever heard of the terms lumen and lux, you probably had some doubts about what they meant. And you wouldn’t be the only one asking such questions. That happens to practically anyone who’s not familiar with light engineering. But don’t worry. Not knowing what these light terms mean is actually good. It means

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how to get sound from projector to speakers

How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers? [Video Guide]

Be it a movie theatre, a classroom, or an office conference room, you may encounter projectors everywhere. They help all of us enjoy a presentation, slideshow, or movie at the same time and at an affordable cost. So, no wonder they are a necessity for any place with an audience. However, most of these projectors

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