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best led camera lights

Top 10 Best LED Camera Lights Buying Guide 2023

Capturing perfect photos and videos is certainly what every photographer wants. In order to get an excellent photo, you just need to consider many crucial factors including cameras, angle, background, and most importantly lighting. Lighting plays a vital role in getting the perfect photos. However, some people still find it quite difficult to choose the

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best cameras for filmmaking on a budget

Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget in 2023

The last couple of years has been extremely giving to aspiring filmmakers who were able to thrive and make a mark for themselves in the era of good quality yet affordable filmmaking cameras.  There are Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget available from almost every renowned brand, but it can be easy to get

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best photo light boxes

Best Photo Light Boxes in 2023 Reviews

Whether you are taking photos to fulfill your hobby or to complete your business advertising campaign, you might think of a suitable background and enough source of light to fit the photographed objects. Getting an excellent lightful experience helps to complement the look of your products too. Therefore, getting professional cameras is not enough; you

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best photo storage boxes

Best Photo Storage Boxes In 2023 Reviews

If you have an extensive collection of photos, this means you have a lot of memories to keep. Unlike photo frames that hold one photo by one photo, the photo storage boxes offer more space to keep something in a significant amount. The boxes are not only designed to keep photos, but they also aim at serving

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how many lumens for a projector

How Many Lumens Are Good for a Projector And Why

When buying a new projector or trying to get the most out of yours, there’s nothing more important to consider than the number of lumens it offers. If you don’t have the right amount of lumens in the device, then getting the brightest or the most colorful image will be difficult. And if you don’t

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lux vs lumens

Lumens vs. Lux – Know The Actual Difference Between Them?

If you’ve ever heard of the terms lumen and lux, you probably had some doubts about what they meant. And you wouldn’t be the only one asking such questions. That happens to practically anyone who’s not familiar with light engineering. But don’t worry. Not knowing what these light terms mean is actually good. It means

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how to get sound from projector to speakers

How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers? [Video Guide]

Be it a movie theatre, a classroom, or an office conference room, you may encounter projectors everywhere. They help all of us enjoy a presentation, slideshow, or movie at the same time and at an affordable cost. So, no wonder they are a necessity for any place with an audience. However, most of these projectors

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Projector Lumens For Bright Room

How Many Projector Lumens For Bright Room?

Seeing a projector getting turned on may trigger boredom in a classroom, or joy in a movie theater! Along with the content shown through this device, it also matters that the pictures or text displayed are visible to the audience properly. One of the major aspects that play a role here is lumens since they

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the february calendar


Valentine’s Day Weekend This Valentine’s Day weekend, we’re partnering up with Tenth Intervention for a screening of THE UNKNOWN, a story of love, deceit, and murder, with a live score! This romance-turned-horror silent film allows you to both celebrate and sneer at the holiday, so we welcome the dedicated Valentine’s believers, as well as the anti-Valentine-ers,

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the march calendar


Conscientious Projections Presents HANNAH ARENDT In late January, Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism sold out on Amazon. Unfolding over 576 pages, the book chronicles the rise of anti-Semitism in 1800s Europe and analyzes the imperialist empires of the early 20th century, drawing connections across various authoritarian states. Given the size, subject matter, and academic approach, such a

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the may calendar


TWIN PEAKS Celebration! We’re going to let you in on a little secret; that show you like is going to come back in style. We have no idea where it will lead us, but we have a feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange, and we are already feeling more than a

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the november calendar


It’s a Christmas Spectacular and so much more… SPECIAL 3-DAY RUN: ALWAYS SHINE Winner of Best Actress (Mackenzie Davis) at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival! Having drifted apart recently, Anna (Mackenzie Davis) and Beth (Caitlin Fitzgerald) take a weekend trip to Big Sur, but their mutual jealousy – Anna is more commercially successful, and Beth

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the september calendar


Book talk with Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall On the occasion of the publication of TV (The Book): Two Experts Pick The Greatest American TV Shows of All Time, authors Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz will join us for a discussion of all things television. From the Golden Age’s beginning in the mid-late ’90s to

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how to light up acrylic with led

How To Light Up Acrylic With Led

If you need an installation guide on how to light up acrylic with LED, you are at the right place. Acrylic is an excellent and flexible material that can be used for many interior decoration projects. This material is popular because it supports quick and easy lighting features, making it possible for anyone to work

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the october calendar


The October calendar has arrived! Take a look…if you dare. For the month of Shocktober, we’ve stacked our line-up with horror films, new and old. If you get scared, don’t fret, we would be happy to offer you a drink to calm your nerves. FIRST-RUN: FESTIVAL BREAKOUT UNDER THE SHADOW Both one of the most memorable

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Best Homelife Motion Sensor Led Lights

Best Homelife Motion Sensor Led Lights

You want to have a motion-sensor LED light so that you can see everything clearly and discover your stuff more quickly in the dark. However, there are so many different options available, and you have no idea which one to choose.  In that case, let’s check out the best homelife motion sensor-led lights we have distilled from

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best wireless coxial

Best Wireless Coxial

Sometimes running a video cable between a source and your TV is not convenient and workable. Some wireless HDMI cable solutions can send an AV signal in one room. But choosing reliable transmitters is still a better option. Top 10 Best Wireless Coaxial – Reviews of Top 5 Good Wireless Coaxial There are various wireless

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best macro focusing rails

Best Macro Focusing Rails

The best macro focusing rail is a helpful tool for amateur and professional photographers to keep their cameras still and micro-adjusting the focus placed on their scenes. After receiving several requests from clients, we hope our list of the top 5 best macro-focusing rails below can help you choose the one most suitable for you. 

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best wireless cable box

Best Wireless Cable Box

In recent times, the development of technology has brought about many useful advancements. The cable is becoming faster and faster. Not only fast, with wireless cable boxes, but the desire to play and watch a video on different devices and in different rooms is also no longer in our imaginations. Top 10 Best Wireless Cable

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Best IPTV Box

Top 10 Best IPTV Box

Watching TV is one way to relax after a whole tiring day, hustling with work and other things. That’s why it is essential to ensure the best viewing experience of your favorite television shows and movies. Though there are many cable companies offering and claiming to provide the best services, using IPTV box is the

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Best Photostick Mobiles For iOS and Android

10 Best Photostick Mobiles For iOS and Android

As you might know, losing data on your phone might be more than a hassle. And backing up your data is not the fastest way to do and all of your videos and photos gone. You feel like there is nothing you could do about it. In this case, the photo stick mobile might be

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